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At Guns World, we know guns! A clean firearm is a reliable firearm. Our gunsmith services are here for your use. Inquire with us for quotes on jobs if you do not see pricing on the attached picture! Our Gunsmith is a Glock Certified Armorer, with multiple certificates in the Gunsmith Industry.  We have also recently teamed up with Remington and their Custom Shop to be the exclusive Remington Custom Shop in Nevada.

Here at Guns World our Gunsmith has been exposed to a wide variety of firearm makes and models over his years in the firearms industry. This real-world experience with different models of firearm give us the expertise required to deliver professional and timely diagnostics / repairs, upgrades, annual maintenance and cleaning.

We offer a multitude of gunsmithing services including:


• Trigger Adjustments                    • Barrel Crowning               

• Scope Installation                        • Action Smoothing

• Bore Sighting                                • Annual Clean and Checks

• Shotgun Bead Installation         • Polish Bores

• Iron Sight Installation                 • Recoil Pad Installation               


If you require a service for your project that is not listed above or in the price list below feel free to contact us, we work with several other gunsmiths and machinist to be able to accommodate projects we are not tooled for. In order to keep the same quality that we would strive for if we were set up with the tooling, we trust and depend on our outside gunsmiths that can accomplish, what we may not be set up for, and there could be additional waiting times depending on gunsmiths work flow.  We apologize for any inconveniences.


-General Shotgun Repair clean and inspect

Guns World also offers general shotgun repair and both OEM and aftermarket parts replacement and fitting.  General Repair is billed at hourly rate plus part costs. $40.00 per hour.


-Shotgun Trigger Work - Reduce Pull (Semi and Pump Only)

A customized trigger system allows for less creep, a more defined trigger squeeze and a lighter trigger pull. All of which will increase accuracy and ease of use. This is a must have for serious shooters, or for newer shooters looking to up their game but remember this is not a cure all and you must find some good training from a reputable source.  Starts at $50


-Shotgun Package, Semi-Auto Only

Do you have a Shotgun that has been your workhorse waterfowl or clays gun? Over time most semi-autos will get sluggish and will not always run reliably when you need them the most. Guns World can bring reliability and longevity back to your favorite auto-loader. This is a complete packaged that includes the very best components and service available today. Today's hunters and competition shooters want confidence in the gear they choose. Guns World will fill this need. $100-$300 (depending on parts)


-Shotgun Complete Rebuild Action. (Over/Under)

We take pride in rebuilding Over/Under. It is a time intensive job that most will not attempt. We re-build both competition and hunting models that have extensive use and round counts. In most cases it is a complete tear down and a replacement of all worn parts.  Making sure the locking bolt and resetting and tightening of the hinge surfaces are within specs. Typically when finished the firearm will be tight, the top lever in the right hand position and require a break in period too, much like when it was factory new. Starts at $200


-Shotgun Recoil Pad Installation (Does not include custom length)

No Matter the reason you are adding or replacing a recoil pad, done properly the new pad will fit clean and flush.  Guns World can install both OEM and aftermarket recoil pads. Starts at $60 (does not include pad)


-Shotgun Graco Installation

Not all shotguns if any are going to "Fit" the shooter out of the box. Everyone is built differently and will require a stock that has some adjustability options. Guns World can install a number of different Graco Systems to change LOP (Length of Pull), Height and Recoil Suppression. Having the correct stock fit will certainly make shotgun sports more enjoyable and comfortable as well as help make you a better shooter.  Starts at $200 including parts


-Shotgun Adjustable Comb Install

One of the most cost-effective ways to achieve proper gun fit without the expense of a custom stock is with an adjustable comb.  An Adjustable Comb allows the shooter to tailor the stock to their own dimensions. Often the proper adjustment will allow the shooter more comfortable shooting stance allowing them to stay on target throughout the swing. Guns World proudly uses Graco Corp brand hardware for left, right and height adjustments. Starts at $120


Re-Cutting Checkering on Stocks

Stock refinishing is a very common job for many shops. To our way of thinking, refinishing of wooden stocks is not considered complete until the checkering has been freshened up, or re-cut. If the checkering is worn but visible, it can easily be recut. If there are bare areas where it has been completely worn away, or new wood has been added to repair damage, it can be repaired with just a little more work and the finished results will be far more pleasing.  Billed Hourly at $40 per hour


Bolt Action Rifles

DETAIL CLEANING: $69.99…Includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning of bore, action and bolt body, lubricate, reassemble and function test.

SCOPE MOUNTING: $39.99…Mount, level, boresight scope.

SWIVEL INSTALLATION: $54.99…Drill stock, install correct mounting hardware for swivels.

GLASS BED ACTION: $119.99…Disassemble, inspect, glass bed action to stock, clean up overflow and reassemble.

PILLAR BED ACTION: $69.99…Disassemble, inspect, install pillars with epoxy, clean up overflow, reassemble (pillars not included).

RECOIL PAD INSTALLATION, STANDARD: $84.99…Disassemble, inspect, remove existing pad, fit new recoil pad, grind to fit stock profile.



AR-15 & Semi-Auto Rifles

DETAIL CLEANING: $79.99…Includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning of bore, bolt carrier, buffer, buffer tube, lubricate, reassemble and function test.

SCOPE MOUNTING: $39.99…Mount, level, and boresight scope.

CHANGE HANDGUARD, STANDARD: $54.99-$139.99… Price depending on configuration of handguard and rifle.

TRIGGER INSTALLATION: $44.99…Install trigger group.


DETAIL CLEANING: $49.99…Includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning of bore and cylinder, lubricate and function test.

GRIP CHANGE: $19.99…Includes removal of grip and install of new grips.


DETAIL CLEANING: $59.99…Includes disassembly, inspect, cleaning of bore, frame and magazines; lubricate, reassemble and function test.

SIGHT INSTALLATION: $50.00-$120.00…Includes removal of factory sights and installation of replacement sights. Prices vary due to fitting that may be required and sights chosen.

ACTION WORK: $119.99-$200.00…Includes disassembly, cleaning, polishing internals, installation of trigger kit, lubricate, reassemble, function test and test fire. Prices vary based on complexity of trigger kit.

BARREL CHANGE: $74.99-$124.99…Includes disassembly, inspection, fit barrel, lubricate, reassemble, function test and test fire. Price varies depending on the amount of fitting required.

MAGAZINE FLOORPLATE ONLY: $19.99 (PER MAGAZINE, does not include parts)



Cleaning prices may be increased, based on heavy fouling and/or rust.  Pricing given is general and may vary. All pricing subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to refuse any firearm work or work that we deem would render a firearm unsafe.  Firearms left over 30 days will incur a $10 per month storage fee.

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